Dr. Ivey desires to provide every patient with individualized, high-quality care. It’s for this reason that he employs the latest techniques and technologies available in the world of dental implantology. The Teeth In A Day dental implant procedure is one of these techniques and is the most advanced method of tooth replacement available, as it allows men and women to regain complete oral function and improve the look of their smile in just one day.

Benefits of Teeth In A Day

The Teeth In A Day dental implant procedure process is very similar to traditional dental implants in that they are surgically placed directly into the jawbone and provide a permanent solution for tooth loss. However, Teeth In A Day dental implants are placed only into the healthy jawbone, and fewer implants are used, as they are strategically spaced and implanted at an angle to provide optimal support for an entire arch of teeth.

Teeth In A Day dental implants provide Dr. Ivey’s patients with many amazing benefits, including:

Immediate results

Aesthetically pleasing

Easy to care for

Look and feel just like natural teeth

Minimally invasive

Permanent tooth-replacement option

Shorter treatment plan

Less discomfort after surgery

Prevents bone loss

Preserves oral health

Protects facial structure

Patients can chew and smile with confidence

When you come to Dr. Ivey’s Centennial area office, he will take time to listen as you express what you hope to achieve with Teeth In A Day. He will then work with you to explain how this type of dental implant will personally benefit you.

Are Teeth In A Day Right for You?

The Teeth In A Day procedure might be a perfect fit if you’re a Centennial area patient who has lost most or all of your teeth, you have been told you need to have your teeth removed, you don’t want to wear a temporary denture, and you want to restore your oral function and improve the aesthetics of your smile.

When you visit with Dr. Ivey for your initial consultation, he will perform a full evaluation of your oral health, take X-rays and images as needed, and work with you to develop a treatment plan that will suit your specific needs. Additionally, he will perform a screening to determine whether or not the Teeth In A Day procedure is right for you.

To be considered a good candidate, you should:

  • Be in good overall health
  • Have adequate jawbone tissue
  • Not have active gum disease or infection
  • Be missing most or all of their natural teeth
  • Not smoke or use tobacco products 

To provide you with complete care from start to finish, Dr. Ivey will work directly with your general dentist throughout your Teeth In A Day procedure. While most patients appreciate this added benefit, some of Dr. Ivey’s patients do not have a general dentist. If this is the case, Dr. Ivey can help you find a general dentist to complete the team. He works with many amazing general dentists in the local area.

Cost of Teeth In A Day

As with any surgical procedure, the cost of your Teeth In A Day treatment will be determined based on your specific needs and current oral condition. In the rare occurrence that patients require pre-surgeries or treatments prior to having their Teeth In A Day dental implants placed, the cost of treatment will naturally be higher than that of another patient whose oral health condition allowed for immediate treatment.

To find out exactly what you can expect to pay for your Teeth In A Day treatment, call Dr. Ivey for an initial consultation. When he has completed your evaluation, his team will provide you with a cost estimate you can use to aid in your decision.

Recovery After Teeth In A Day

The process of recovering after receiving Teeth In A Day is relatively simple and is faster than the recovery process associated with traditional dental implants. However, the time it takes you to recover and the experience you have as you recover will vary depending on several factors directly related to the patient, including:

  • The patient’s age and general health history
  • How the patient has recovered from surgical procedures in the past
  • Whether or not the patient is a smoker or uses other tobacco products
  • Whether or not the patient has any chronic health conditions that affect circulation and healing 

While many patients feel better in just a few days, some may take a week or two to feel completely recovered after receiving Teeth In A Day.

During your recovery, Dr. Ivey recommends that you:

  • Take time to rest
  • Take medications as directed
  • Follow his recommended oral hygiene tips and schedule
  • Stay hydrated
  • Maintain a healthy diet
  • Avoid hard, crunchy, or spicy foods until he gives you the okay to fully resume a normal diet
  • Avoid strenuous activities for several days 

If you’re ready to find out if the Teeth In A Day procedure is right for you, call or text Dr. Ivey in the Centennial, CO area today at (303) 493-1933 to schedule your initial consultation.