Why People Have Jawbone Loss and How Bone Grafting Can Help

One of the major reasons that patients have bone grafting procedures is to repair jaw defects. There are many reasons why jawbone loss can occur, including a previous surgery (like a tooth extraction), a traumatic injury at any point in your life, or congenital disabilities. The bone is replaced by taking bone from other areas of your own body, or by using donor bone.

Patients in Centennial, CO, and the surrounding area who wait too long to replace their teeth or fix their jawbone problems could have more serious issues later on. However, even those potentially serious problems can be alleviated with bone grafting conducted by Dr. Ivey.

Bone Grafting: A Vital Solution to Address Jawbone Loss

You may be wondering why bone loss is a big deal. Many people think that if they aren’t experiencing any significant issues, then jawbone loss is not a problem. While losing some of your jawbone may not have immediate effects, the long-term effects could be substantial.

Jawbone loss dramatically alters your appearance. When your jaw is misaligned, your teeth will be as well. Your facial structure could look abnormal; you may have problems chewing and other similar issues. Dr. Ivey uses bone grafting to replace the missing bone and set his patients on the road to recovery. Generally, the procedure is completed in the office, and the recovery takes a few days for the discomfort and swelling to subside. If you need a more extensive bone graft for a very large jaw defect, Dr. Ivey can take you to the operating room to perform this procedure.

The Benefits of Bone Grafting

Dr. Ivey has a strong background in dentistry, but he’s also very focused on attaining the best surgical results. Because of this, he always operates with the final outcome in mind. If you have abnormal facial features as a result of jawbone loss, think about what you want to look like before you even have the bone grafting procedure. Dr. Ivey helps his patients visualize their appearance after their facial features are corrected in comparison to their current features.

Thinking about the results will help you get through the bone grafting process much easier. Even further, Dr. Ivey makes the procedure as easy as possible mentally. From the time you walk through our office doors, you’ll feel confident and comfortable that bone grafting is going to work for you in many ways.

Why Centennial, CO Patients Should Choose Dr. Ivey for Bone Grafting

Bone grafting may sound frightening when you think about it initially, but Dr. Ivey knows exactly what to do to calm your nerves. He has a considerable amount of experience performing bone grafting and always has your best interests in mind. No matter what your fears are about coming into our office, Dr. Ivey will alleviate them from the moment you walk in the door.

At Ivey Oral & Facial Surgery, our team works together to ensure you are comfortable with us before we perform any procedure. Bone grafting can change your life by making your mouth more comfortable and giving you a terrific boost of confidence by improving the appearance of your facial structure.

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