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One of the main reasons why people in Centennial are hesitant to visit an oral surgeon is because of the thoughts running through their mind. No patient should feel like they are the only ones with a little anxiety, but the good news is there are some great ways to ease the mind and end up having a great experience. Many times patients simply need to discuss the procedure thoroughly with their oral surgeon, including the sedation dentistry options available to them. Having clarity, along with these few tips, can help ease a person’s thoughts and feelings.

Open Communication Lines

An oral surgeon can usually read their patients’ body language, but they can’t read minds. Patients in Centennial need to open up the lines of communication with their surgeon to express anything that’s on their mind. The surgeon will likely go over all options for sedation dentistry and explain the procedure thoroughly, but also feel free to ask as many questions as needed to be completely clear and comfortable with the process. Trust is a big factor in easing any amount of anxiety patients have, and one of the optimal ways to do so is by being open with the surgeon.

Become Familiar with the Procedure

Any oral surgeon will take the time to discuss every procedure in-depth. Some patients prefer not to know all the details, but it can actually help ease some tension by knowing what is going on in their mouth. Understanding things like why treatment is needed, what steps are involved, how long it’s going to take, what sedation dentistry will feel like and more will help patients develop more of a positive outlook on the procedure. The more positive the mind is, the easier it will be to go through the process.

Music is a Calming Distraction

For many patients, music can take them into a completely different world by drowning out sounds and thoughts. Many times anxiety comes from certain triggers that patients see, hear, feel or smell. By closing the eyes and listening to music, patients can focus less on those other senses and become relaxed with the rhythm of the tunes.

Take Advantage of Sedation Dentistry

Every oral surgeon in Centennial offers various options when it comes to sedation dentistry. Patients can tell their surgeon exactly the type of sedation dentistry they want and can adjust the strength accordingly. Whether a patient wants to be completely asleep or simply wants to be in a relaxed state, oral surgeons will accommodate any requests to create the optimal overall experience.

Ivey Oral & Facial Surgery takes pride in ensuring every patient in Centennial is comfortable and confident before undergoing any procedure. Dr. Austin Ivey takes the time to understand the needs of every patient to provide a solution to help them get through the procedure seamlessly.

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