Medically Reviewed By Dr. Ivey

Sedation dentistry has been around for thousands of years and has only become more advanced in the last couple of decades. It’s widely known throughout the industry that a high percentage of patients experience some sort of dental anxiety, which is one of the main reasons why sedation dentistry is used. Oral surgeons in Aurora typically offer multiple types of sedation dentistry in order to help every patient who walks through their door. These types of sedation can be used in different situations, but here are the times when it is most commonly appropriate.

Teeth Sensitivity

No matter what dental procedure a patient needs completed, no one wants to go through with it if they have sensitive teeth. However, different sedation dentistry techniques are available to numb the teeth and gums so patients won’t experience the sensitivity during the procedure. Teeth sensitivity is common for many patients, but can easily be overcome. Sedation dentistry can create a much more relaxing experience, and patients have the opportunity to tell their surgeon how much or how little sedation they want to receive.

Intense Procedures

Patients in Aurora who need dental implants, bone grafting or any other surgical procedure can benefit from sedation dentistry. Since these procedures are intense by nature, patients can choose a level of sedation they are most comfortable with. Oral surgeons can recommend the strength of sedation based on their experience in working with patients, but it’s ultimately up to the patient to decide and let the surgeon know how to adjust the amount of sedation used. Developing trust with a surgeon can create peace of mind and open the lines of communication throughout any procedure.

Dental Anxiety

One of the main reasons for sedation dentistry is to help people who experience dental anxiety. No patient should feel alone if they experience this since the majority of patients feel some level of anxiety. However, sedation dentistry is designed to create a relaxed, comfortable and positive experience from the start of the procedure all the way to the end. There are many different ways to decrease the amount of anxiety a patient experiences, but none are better than sedation dentistry.

Not Liking the Dentist Office in General

Sometimes patients simply don’t like going to the dentist office, and that’s completely fine. Every oral surgeon in Aurora understands this concern and the best ones will help the patient throughout the process. Past experiences or other factors may have contributed to the negative feelings about dentists in general, but those experiences can easily be overcome. The secret is being as calm as possible and knowing exactly what to expect throughout the procedure.

Ivey Oral & Facial Surgery uses sedation dentistry to help patients in Aurora be at peace with their experience. Before Dr. Austin Ivey talks about any procedure with a patient, he wants to understand their perception of the dentist or the procedure in general, so he knows how to create a great experience.

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