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Oral surgeons work with patients in Aurora who have impacted canines on a daily basis. Impacted canines are more common than people think, so successful treatment options are readily available. However, early detection can make the procedure much easier. Most of the time impacted canines can only be discovered early on through an orthodontic examination.

Typically, the canines will erupt when a patient is around age 13. But an oral examination prior to this age can determine whether the teeth are too crowded for the canines to grow in properly, or if the teeth are properly aligned. Regardless of the specific situation, an oral surgeon can work together with an orthodontist to ensure a patient’s canines come through safely and in the most efficient manner possible.

Proper Teeth Alignment Help Canines Erupt Clearly

If teeth are misaligned at an early age, orthodontic procedures can be performed to align the teeth in the right position to promote proper canine growth. Many times patients in Aurora only need a simple teeth alignment procedure to make room for the canines coming through. However, the longer a patient waits to free up the impacted canines, the higher the chances are that the teeth will not erupt properly and clearly.

In rare cases, the teeth could fuse together with the jawbone and never grow properly without pursuing tooth replacement options. Other procedures are available to restore the appearance and function of the teeth, but those procedures can be prevented by getting an early oral examination and helping the impacted canines break through naturally.

Some Canines Won’t Erupt on Their Own

Sometimes even early detection of impacted canines won’t allow them to erupt on their own. In these cases, an oral surgeon and orthodontist will work in conjunction with one another to expose the impacted canines and shift them back to their proper position. The most common method of doing so is by using braces to shift the teeth into position and pushing the gum tissue back to expose the teeth. Once this is successful, the teeth can be lightly pushed to the proper position for permanent placement.

Impacted Canines Are Common and Straightforward

Patients in Aurora can rest easy knowing impacted canines are common, and the procedure is straightforward. The best way to ensure treatments are as minimal as possible is to be examined at an early age to detect any potential concern right away. With the technology available today, detecting impacted canines before they even come close to erupting is entirely possible and can help the treatment tremendously. The success rate of treating impacted canines is extremely high, especially when visiting a reputable oral surgeon in Aurora.

Ivey Oral & Facial Surgery performs numerous oral procedures to help patients in Aurora achieve a sense of satisfaction with their overall oral health. Patients may not even realize they have impacted canines until they visit for an examination, which increases the importance of doing so early on.

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