A New Way to Reduce Pain

After any type of oral surgery – whether it’s wisdom teeth removal or a different procedure – it’s normal to experience some level of discomfort for several days. In many cases, you might have to take some time off from work or school to rest. But thanks to the three pillars of non-narcotic oral surgery practiced here at Ivey Oral & Facial Surgery, Dr. Ivey can help you overcome your dental discomfort and return to your daily life much sooner than you normally would. Don’t forget to ask about non-narcotic pain control when you call our office to ask about a specific procedure

Why Choose this method of Non-Narcotic Oral Surgery?

· Significantly Reduced Recovery Time
· Post-Surgery Pain Kept to a Minimum
· Techniques Based on Advanced Science

ERAS: Early Recovery After Surgery

Hospitals across the United States are now employing ERAS approach to pain control. Typically treatments for pain only address discomfort that you are currently suffering from. But with multi-modal pain control, we can pre-load specific medicines into your body before surgery even occurs. As a result, the pain you would normally experience never occurs at all. As you might imagine, this can make a significant difference in your ability to comfortably perform normal daily activities in the days following the procedure. To learn more about the ERAS approach and the extensive research behind it, visit the ERAS society’s website at https://erassociety.org/.

Exparel®: Liposomal Bupiyacaine

Exparel is an advanced kind of local anesthetic that is applied to the site of the surgery just before the procedure begins. However, while other anesthetics will wear off within hours once the surgery is done, the effects of Exparel last for up to five days. Only a very small area of your mouth will be numbed (so there won’t be a danger of biting your lip or tongue without realizing it), but it will still be enough to stop you from experiencing pain. Studies have shown that patients who received Exparel after other surgeries required significantly fewer narcotics than those that didn’t; this dramatically illustrates the difference that this unique approach to surgery can make.

Platelet Rich Fibrin/Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Fibrin (or PRF for short) is a form of regenerative medicine. A small amount of blood is taken and processed in order to separate specific growth factors, healing molecules, and stem cells. Then these substances are applied directly to the surgical site to speed up the rate of healing. Less pain is experienced as a result. PRF has other applications as well; with its ability to help soft tissue heal and regain lost volume and collagen, it can be used to improve your appearance via lip augmentation or even thickening hair.