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When an Aurora man or woman decides to have dental implants placed at Ivey Oral & Facial Surgery, they’re making a big, but exciting decision. A new smile awaits them, but it’s important that patients not get ahead of themselves. You need to understand the specifics of what will be required after your dental implant surgery. Having dental implants placed is an extensive process, and Dr. Ivey wants his patients to be well informed for every step, including aftercare. In this blog, we will discuss several restrictions you should heed after your dental implant surgery.

Follow Dr. Ivey’s Oral Hygiene Instructions After Your Dental Implants Have Been Placed

When you have your dental implants placed by Dr. Ivey in his Aurora office you need to be very careful to follow his specific aftercare instructions. Following these instructions to a “T” will ensure you have a healthy and speedy recovery.

Included in your post-op instructions are specifics on how you should care for your oral health immediately following your procedure. For instance, you need to be very gentle when brushing your teeth on the day of your surgery. Avoid direct contact with the surgical sites and avoid flossing until Dr. Ivey clears you to do so. Rinsing should also be performed gently. Basically, gentle is the key word!

When the bleeding has subsided after your dental implant surgery, Dr. Ivey recommends his Aurora patients gently rinse their mouths with saltwater several times a day. Again, you should rinse carefully and slowly and allow the water to fall from your mouth instead of spitting it out. Rinsing with saltwater is also recommended after each meal for several days. This will help keep your surgical site clean and free of debris.

Do Not Exercise

Dental implants should not be taken lightly. You should treat your dental implant procedure just like any other surgical procedure and allow your body to heal through rest. If you have plans to hit your local Aurora gym the day after your implants have been placed, slow down. Dr. Ivey recommends his dental implant patients avoid the gym for several days after their procedure. Take a break. Rest. If you start your exercise regime too quickly you could cause your surgical sites to bleed, and you risk other complications as well.

Do Not Smoke Or Use Other Forms Of Nicotine

Men and women know how negatively nicotine can affect their overall health, and Dr. Ivey isn’t in the business of scolding his patients about their nicotine use. However, it is important that you avoid smoking and other nicotine products in the weeks following your dental implant surgery. Nicotine restricts blood flow, which in turn slows healing because the body needs as much blood flow as possible during the healing process. Smoking can also lead to a dental implant complication called peri-implantitis, which can result in implant failure. Don’t risk losing your dental implants, and all the work you’ve been through, for a few cigarettes.

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