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A tooth extraction could be necessary for a patient in Aurora for many reasons. One of the main questions people have is what happens after the tooth is removed. Having a missing tooth can alter a person’s ability to chew food normally, among other short-term and long-term consequences, which raises the importance of getting dental implants.

Many times a patient can get dental implants immediately following a tooth extraction, while other patients may need to wait several days. The time frame depends on various factors as determined by the oral surgeon and the individual’s health, but the one constant is dental implants need to be installed after any tooth is extracted.

Timing of Dental Implants Following a Tooth Extraction

Patients have several options when it comes to replacing a tooth after a tooth extraction. The ideal option is dental implants since the jawbone can remain stimulated to prevent bone density loss. Some dentists will suggest waiting several days or weeks to get dental implants, but the earlier patients can get them installed, the better their overall oral health will be as a result. Plus, dental implants will look as good as or better than the tooth that got extracted.

Patients Deserve a Restored Smile

No matter why a patient in Aurora has to have a tooth extracted, the results make it well worth the effort. Whether a patient has to have one dental implant or multiple dental implants, the look and feel of having a healthy set of teeth is enough to boost a person’s self-confidence. No one wants to go through their day with a missing tooth. The alterations in routine habits can take a toll on anyone, not to mention the possibility of holding back a smile occasionally because of being self-conscious . Patients in Aurora deserve to show off their happy and healthy smile, which can be achieved with dental implants.

Maintain Great Oral Health with Dental Implants

Aurora patients should know what happens to their dental health when a tooth gets extracted. Trusting dentists will clearly and thoroughly explain the process, including why getting dental implants as soon as possible is important. Aside from the aesthetic benefits, getting dental implants can maintain overall oral health, including improving or restoring facial features.

When a tooth is missing because of an extraction or another reason, the jawbone density can begin decreasing over time since it has nothing to stimulate its growth. This loss of bone density could force teeth to slowly shift and impact a person’s health in different ways. However, when dental implants are installed, the bone remains stimulated to allow the patient to maintain their overall oral health while giving the appearance of their teeth a boost as well.

Ivey Oral & Facial Surgery evaluates every patient in Aurora thoroughly before providing recommendations. Dr. Austin Ivey believes every patient is unique, so his thorough evaluations will lead to the optimal solutions for each individual.

Getting dental implants has many short-term and long-term benefits, so contact us at (303) 493-1933 today to schedule a free consultation to see if they are right for you.