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Sedation dentistry. It’s probably something you’ve heard of, but you may not be aware of all the ins and outs and why oral surgeons like Dr. Ivey choose to use it during dental procedures. If you suffer from dental anxiety and can’t even picture yourself sitting in a dentist’s chair without hyperventilating, or if you know you’re going to need major dental work soon, that’s where sedation dentistry comes in. In this blog, you will learn more about sedation dentistry and the many benefits it provides to Aurora men and women just like you – so keep reading.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry at Ivey Oral & Facial Surgery is the practice of using medication to help patients relax during any type of dental procedure. If you live in the vicinity of Aurora and suffer from dental anxiety, Dr. Ivey can ease your fears by providing you with sedation dentistry options prior to your appointment. Likewise, if you need to have a major dental procedure completed, he and his staff can take care of that as well by using a more aggressive form of sedation dentistry.

Dr. Ivey offers several different types of sedation dentistry. However, it is important to state that he will only administer sedating medication if his patients have agreed to it. He wants you to be completely comfortable and feel safe when you are under his care. That’s why it is so important that you are completely honest with him during your initial consultation so he can provide you will every sedation dentistry option available.

Benefits Of Sedation Dentistry

The most common type of pain control for dental work is sedation dentistry, which relaxes Aurora patients and can sometimes cause them to fall asleep. Sedation dentistry offers a lot of benefits for people including:

  • When sedation dentistry is used, less time is needed for the dental procedure because the patient is more compliant.
  • Sedation dentistry allows the patient to be awake and able to respond to verbal commands and physical touch.
  • Patients don’t remember most of what happens during their appointment with Dr. Ivey when they have sedation dentistry.
  • Though awake, the patient is very relaxed and calm allowing Dr. Ivey to perform the needed dental work.
  • Multiple dental procedures can be completed in one appointment when sedation dentistry is used to help relax the patient.
  • Sedation dentistry allows for a quicker recovery from the medication, meaning patients can visit Dr. Ivey during their lunch break and return to work after their appointment with no downtime.

Choose Ivey Oral & Facial Surgery For Your Sedation Dentistry Needs

If you live in or around the Aurora area and suffer from dental anxiety or know you will need some form of sedation dentistry for your dental procedure, let Dr. Ivey and his team of professionals help.

They are highly skilled and trained in all forms of sedation dentistry and can help you get through your dental appointment worry-free and pain-free. Call his office in Aurora today at (303) 493-1933.