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For many Aurora men and women, just the mere mention of the dentist is enough to make them feel lightheaded. All too often, that anxiety and fear cause people to avoid the treatment they desperately need. Avoiding dental care now can lead to bigger problems down the line and can even affect your overall health. Dr. Ivey of Ivey Oral & Facial Surgery knows how important it is for his patients to feel comfortable when they visit him; therefore, he offers sedation dentistry for his patients when they are faced with fear and anxiety. Unfortunately, there are several myths about sedation dentistry out there that cause his patients to be misinformed about what is actually involved. Keep reading to have those common myths about sedation dentistry debunked.

Myth 1: Sedation dentistry is reserved for complex surgical procedures.

It is true that sedation dentistry is more often associated with major surgical procedures, but did you know that sedation dentistry can be used for any procedure provided in Dr. Ivey’s office? If you suffer from dental anxiety, sedation dentistry can be used for routine, basic visits. And if you are coming in for wisdom teeth removal, sedation dentistry will be used on you as well. Ultimately, Dr. Ivey and his staff want you to have a pleasant experience during your visit. 

Myth 2: There is only one kind of sedation.

Often, patients in the Aurora area think there is only one option for sedation dentistry. The truth is that there are multiple methods available, including:

  • Oral Sedation
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • IV Sedation
  • General Anesthesia

Oral sedation and nitrous oxide are more often used during routine, basic procedures, while on the other hand, general anesthesia is typically reserved for more complex oral surgeries. 

Myth 3: Sedation is unsafe.

While there are cases where some patients are not good candidates for sedation during a dental procedure, the vast majority of Aurora men and women are good candidates for sedation dentistry. Some sedation options, like nitrous oxide, are safe for most people, but other types of sedation may not be appropriate for some patients, depending on their medical history. However, most often there is some type of sedation that is safe for most people. It is important to let Dr. Ivey know your complete medical history before planning your dental procedure, so he will be able to recommend a treatment plan that is safe for you.

Myth 4: Anyone can get sedation.

As we said, sedation dentistry is safe for most Aurora men and women, but there are times when sedation is not an option. You should not have sedation dentistry if:

  • You are pregnant
  • You have an allegory to the sedation medication being used
  • You have other medical conditions that would interfere with the effectiveness of the sedation, or put you in danger if you were to receive sedation

The good news is, if one sedation method isn’t right for you, another may work. That’s why it’s recommended to consult with Dr. Ivey before you rule out a dental procedure with the assumption you’re not eligible.

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