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Dr. Ivey hears many questions and concerns about the safety of dental work during pregnancy.  And that’s completely understandable. Every mom wants to protect the health of their unborn baby. But to keep mom healthy during pregnancy, it’s important to note that preventative dental work is safe and should not be avoided. Moreover, it is even recommended. During pregnancy, Centennial women experience an increase in hormone levels that lead to swelling and bleeding of the gums, which causes food and debris to be trapped against the teeth. This can mean big problems in the long run, which is why you should keep your regular cleaning appointments when you are pregnant.

However, bigger dental issues arrive on their own schedule, no matter life’s circumstances. And pregnancy is no different. If you’re a woman who is pregnant, and you find yourself in need of a dental procedure that requires sedation dentistry, this blog is for you. Dr. Ivey cares about the overall health of each one of his patients, so he wants you to know the ins and outs of sedation dentistry and how it applies to you during pregnancy. Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry at Ivey Oral & Facial Surgery is the practice of using medication to help patients relax during any type of dental procedure. If you are a Centennial patient who struggles with dental anxiety, Dr. Ivey can help by administering a form of sedation dentistry. Or, if you need to have a major dental procedure performed, a more aggressive form of sedation dentistry is used so you will not be aware of what is happening during your procedure.

At Ivey Oral Surgery, Dr. Ivey offers several methods of anesthesia and will only use them when his patients are in agreement. His biggest concern is ensuring your safety and comfort, so for patients who are pregnant, he takes special care to determine the necessity of sedation dentistry on a case to case basis.

Can I Have Sedation Dentistry While I’m Pregnant?

Dr. Ivey typically tries to avoid administering sedation dentistry on patients who are pregnant whenever possible. This is because of the potential effects the drugs could have on the fetus. It depends on what type is used, but some forms of sedation dentistry can pass through the placenta to the unborn baby and lead to problems with development. Because of this, most medical professionals recommend that pregnant women wait until their second trimester before having dental work completed. Centennial women should avoid having sedation dentistry during the first trimester because of early fetal development, and the third trimester due to the risk of preterm labor. However, the safest thing women can do is avoid sedation dentistry until after the birth of their baby, if possible.

Call Dr. Ivey At Ivey Oral & Facial Surgery For All Your Sedation Dentistry Questions

If you still have questions regarding sedation dentistry and its safety during pregnancy, do not hesitate to call Dr. Ivey.

He and his staff are with you every step of the way and want you to be well-informed before you have any procedure. You can reach his Centennial office today by calling (303) 493-1933.