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Dr. Ivey, of Ivey Oral & Facial Surgery, has structured his entire practice around making each of his patients feel welcomed, safe, and comfortable during every visit they have to his Aurora office. That’s why he offers sedation dentistry for his patients who are undergoing dental procedures. Sedation dentistry is available for any patient Dr. Ivey sees – from the first consultation to ease dental anxiety, to surgery day to keep you comfortable during your procedure. Keep reading to discover more about what you can expect from sedation dentistry at Ivey Oral & Facial Surgery.

Why Do Patients Choose To Have Sedation Dentistry?

While sedation dentistry is used for various reasons, one of the most common reasons is to help ease the fears of Aurora patients who suffer from dental anxiety. Because Dr. Ivey offers several types of sedation dentistry, he can customize your experience based on your needs and preferences. You can choose to be awake in a relaxed state, completely unconscious, or somewhere in between. Remember, Dr. Ivey will never administer sedation dentistry unless you have expressly agreed to receive it.

Sedation Dentistry Options Offered At Ivey Oral & Facial Surgery

Beyond its use for dental anxiety, Dr. Ivey provides sedation dentistry for a number of procedures, including:

What Sedation Dentistry Options Does Dr. Ivey Offer?

Dr. Ivey is highly trained in sedation dentistry and offers the following types of sedation options to his Aurora patients:

  • Local Anesthetic Dr. Ivey uses local anesthetic in simple oral procedures like single tooth extractions.
  • Nitrous Oxide with Local Anesthetic – Patients who need simple procedures that require slightly more involvement tend to receive nitrous oxide with a local These procedures could be multiple tooth extractions, wisdom teeth removal, dental implant placement, or oral pathology appointments.
  • Office-Based General Anesthesia with Local Anesthetic – This type of sedation dentistry is used primarily during the removal of wisdom teeth and placement of dental implant when local anesthesia is otherwise not effective.
  • Surgery Center or Hospital-Based General Anesthesia – When patients require a more intense procedure involving the jaw or face, Dr. Ivey will perform the procedure at a surgery center or hospital. This sedation dentistry option requires the involvement of a larger medical team.

Ivey Oral & Facial Surgery Can Help

If you’re facing a dental procedure, or even just an exam, and need the help of sedation dentistry, don’t trust just anyone. Visit Dr. Ivey at his Aurora clinic. He is specially trained in sedation dentistry and stands ready to assist you. Everyone who walks through his door is greeted by a member of his friendly team.

You will know how important you and your dental health are to Dr. Ivey by the way he prioritizes the comfort of each of his patients. Call his office today at (303) 493-1933 to schedule your consultation.