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There are many different misconceptions about wisdom teeth people in Aurora believe as factual. Wisdom teeth are unique for various reasons, but one of the most surprising reason is they aren’t even needed. This is one of the main reasons why dentists recommend removing them, even if they grow in properly for some patients. Since they provide no functional value for the most part, sometimes it’s recommended for patients to have them removed, so they don’t have to worry about them in the future. Here are several other facts not commonly known about wisdom teeth.

Not Everyone Gets Them

Patients in Aurora shouldn’t be concerned if they never get their wisdom teeth. Sometimes genetics play a role in their lack of development. Many patients consider themselves lucky if they never develop them since the teeth don’t provide a functional or aesthetic benefit and they don’t have to plan to see a dentist about removing them.

Erupting Wisdom Teeth Contribute to Bad Breath

Bad breath happens occasionally and for various reasons. Many people aren’t aware that erupting wisdom teeth can play a role in bad breath as well. When the teeth come through the gums, tiny food particles and bacteria can get trapped and cause bad breath. Brushing often will temporarily create fresh-smelling breath, but the permanent solution is to have the wisdom teeth removed completely.

Wisdom Teeth Can Impact a Smile

Patients in Aurora work hard to have a perfect smile. Sometimes wisdom teeth can put a damper on a smile since they cause teeth to become crowded and shift slightly. The way for a patient to ensure their smile remains flawless is to have the wisdom teeth extracted as soon as possible. The extraction is a very routine and seamless process and will keep the remaining teeth in position, so patients can maintain the smile they love to show off.

Wisdom Teeth Aren’t Actually Needed

The human mouth is large enough to hold 28 teeth comfortably, and that’s exactly how many are needed for proper function. Wisdom teeth were necessary many generations ago due to the lack of access to oral hygiene care, leading to lost teeth. Since there’s no real need for them now, most patients opt for removing them to prevent potential problems from happening.

Wisdom Teeth Are the Most Commonly Extracted Teeth

Since wisdom teeth are known for causing more problems than creating benefits, they are the most commonly extracted teeth as a result. Early removal can promote better overall oral health and a flawless smile for patients in Aurora. This is the main reason why dentists almost always recommend extraction to eliminate any potential future concerns.

Ivey Oral & Facial Surgery evaluates the wisdom teeth of every patient they see at an early age to determine the recommended option to pursue. Most of the time, this involves wisdom teeth extraction to prevent them from impacting nearby teeth.

One of the keys to healthy and straight teeth is removing wisdom teeth, so contact us at (303) 493-1933 today to schedule a consultation for Dr. Austin Ivey to evaluate your oral health.