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Almost all Aurora men, women, and teens are affected by wisdom teeth. But why are wisdom teeth something we have to deal with in our early teens and young adult years? Why do they come in if they don’t fit in our mouths? Well, our ancestors used to be thankful for that third set of molars. In years past, oral hygiene wasn’t what it is today, and as a result, people often lost many of their teeth by the time they hit their late teens and early adult years. Wisdom teeth were meant to allow continued ability to chew meat, vegetables, and roots. Today, they are just a pesky, painful problem. If your wisdom teeth are correctly positioned in your mouth and do not cause you pain, there is a possibility you may not need to have them removed. However, Dr. Ivey recommends having your wisdom teeth examined early on to determine if they do in fact need to be removed. This is because as we age, the jawbone becomes harder, making it more difficult to remove the teeth. If you’re unsure if and when you should have your wisdom teeth removed, keep reading to learn some key signs to watch out for.

Is There a Certain Age I Should Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

There is no perfect age to have your wisdom teeth removed. This is because every Aurora patient is different, and the age at which wisdom teeth come in varies from person to person. However, as we mentioned above, having your wisdom teeth removed earlier, rather than later is ideal. Not only is the bone softer when you’re younger, making the removal easier, but the healing process is generally much quicker as well. If you’re unsure if you should have your wisdom teeth removed now or later, let Dr. Ivey give you his professional recommendation.

Tooth Crowding and Shifting

If you start to notice that your other teeth have started shifting around or are being crowded, it is likely due to your wisdom teeth. Many Aurora men, women and teens have had pricey orthodontic work performed in their lives to get that perfectly straight smile. After you spent all those months wearing and enduring braces as a teen, you wouldn’t want your wisdom teeth to undo your orthodontic work. If you’ve noticed a shift in your straight smile, don’t wait to call Dr. Ivey for a consultation!

Pain and Inflammation

This is one of the most common signs that your wisdom teeth need to be removed. If your wisdom teeth are erupting, you can have temporary pain at the eruption site, but if your wisdom teeth are impacted and unable to erupt, the pain and inflammation can last much longer. If you are experiencing jaw or tooth pain in the back of your mouth, call Dr. Ivey today to schedule a consultation so he can thoroughly examine your mouth to determine the cause and come up with a solution.

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