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Conversations about wisdom teeth don’t usually make Aurora men, women, and teens feel happy and excited. Just hearing the mere mention of wisdom teeth can send a wave of pain running through you, whether you have them or not. Wisdom teeth are one of those things that almost everyone has a story about, and whether you have your wisdom teeth, or they haven’t come in yet, you will likely need to have them extracted. Wisdom teeth can be painful, cause crowding in your mouth, and if they are impacted, can cause a whole host of problems, including infection. Below are five symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth to look out for.

  • Unexplained Bad Breath

If you seem to have bad breath that you just can’t get rid of, even though you have good oral hygiene, it could mean you have impacted wisdom teeth. Aurora men and women experience this symptom because impacted wisdom teeth often leave small cuts in their gums. This allows food and bacteria to get stuck and leads to seemingly unexplained bad breath. If this is something you are experiencing, especially if you’re a teen or young adult, call Dr. Ivey at his office to schedule a consultation to see if your impacted wisdom teeth are the culprit.

  • Swelling Around Your Jaw

If you’re an Aurora resident and you suddenly start noticing that your face seems swollen on one or both sides of your jaw, it could be a symptom of impacted wisdom teeth. If you haven’t had an injury to your face to explain the swelling, call Ivey Oral & Facial Surgery to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ivey. He will be able to examine your mouth to determine if the swelling you experiencing is due to your impacted wisdom teeth.

  • Bleeding, Swollen and Tender Gums at the Wisdom Teeth Site

Are you an Aurora patient who has practiced perfect oral hygiene since you were a kid when the local dentist visited your school with a huge white toothbrush to show you the ins and outs of proper tooth care? If this sounds like you and you’ve started to notice that the gums in the back of your mouth are bleeding, swollen and tender, regardless of how well you clean your teeth, it could mean your wisdom teeth are impacted. See Dr. Ivey soon to come up with a treatment plan to give you some much needed relief.

  • Extreme Pain

This is the most obvious symptom of impacted wisdom teeth – pain. Wisdom teeth that are cutting through your gums hurt, but when they are impacted and aren’t able to erupt, it can mean daily, throbbing pain. If you’re experiencing severe pain that affects your entire mouth, and you haven’t had your wisdom teeth removed, it is likely that they are impacted. Call Dr. Ivey for a consultation so he can diagnose and treat you quickly.

  • Sudden, Severe Headaches

If you suddenly become the victim of frequent severe headaches, and you don’t have another medical condition to explain them, it could mean you’re suffering from impacted wisdom teeth. When wisdom teeth aren’t able to cut through the gums properly, they can put pressure on your jawbone and surrounding teeth, causing very bad headaches. Call Dr. Ivey’s office today to schedule an appointment to find out if your impacted wisdom teeth are causing your crushing headaches.

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